20 Positive Energy Plants For Homes And Offices

Nature is essential in healing, providing life, and establishing a spiritual connection with all living species. Plants are the essence of Mother Nature and contain Gaia’s innate energy.

Humans have been harnessing this energy since antiquity, and the Chinese discipline of feng shui entails deliberately arranging plants in specific areas to decrease psychological stress.

Plants’ life energy naturally attracts positivity and provides an entirely different experience of being. Inviting positive energy into your home benefits your health, lifespan, and overall enjoyment.

Here we have rounded up 20 positive energy plants you may bring home or office to spread happiness and optimism.

20 Positive Energy Plants For Homes

1. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, as the name suggests, is all about peace. Keeping this lovely plant will not only help improve the flow of positive energy but will also assist to purify the air. It also can aid with headaches. It should be put in a beautiful dark corner of the house.

Peace Lily
Source: mydomaine.com

2. Aloe Vera 

Looking for plants for spiritual protection, Aloe vera is another of nature’s magical plants. The plant extract has a wide range of healing capabilities, which will be evident once you set the plant in your zen area.

Because aloe vera plants are native to deserts, they grow even in the harshest conditions. Aloe vera can effectively filter the air and safeguard any environment.

Aloe Vera Plant
Source: floweraura.com

12. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant, often known as the ‘Silver Money,’ is an exotic indoor plant. It has distinctive round-shaped leaves that contribute to the fun factor of the home.

The Chinese Money Plant can alleviate anxiety. However, it should be constantly kept in a shady spot away from direct sunlight.

Chinese Money Plant
Source: glasswingshop.com

13. The Jade Plant

Jade plants have the most beautiful pink blossoms and are an excellent addition to the home garden for a low-maintenance positive plant. It can improve your mood by lowering stress levels. It should also be maintained near the front or back door.

Jade Plant
Source: hgtv.com

17. Golden Pothos

This plant’s presence is likely to emanate uplifting energies and cleanse negative ones. According to one study, simply touching its leaves can have a calming and tranquil effect on the psyche.

Other than that, looking at this helps the eyes to relax when feeling itchy or congested. All of this adds up to make golden pothos an excellent plant for positive energy in homes, offices, and even study centers.

Golden Pothos
Source: englishgardens.com

16. Snake Plant

Snake plants have recently gained popularity as one of the most popular indoor plants for positive energy. The underlying reason is the double benefits it provides.

For starters, it absorbs particulate particles and VOCs from the environment, resulting in a healthier environment. Second, because of its brilliant hue, it creates joyful vibes and attracts positive energy.

Snake Plant
Source: thepioneerwoman.com

10. Lucky Bamboo

This plant, also known as lucky bamboo, provides good fortune, health, and love. This minimal-maintenance plant can be kept in any room corner and requires just mild or very low lighting.

However, it should be submerged in at least one inch of fresh water at all times. It is a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

Bamboo Plant
Source: houseplantshop.com

14. Calatheas 

Calatheas is a visual delight. It’s not only a lovely centerpiece but it’s also packed with nutrients. The most intriguing aspect of this plant is that it closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the morning. Calatheas are said to absorb bad energies from the atmosphere and change them into positive ones.

Calatheas Plant
Source: thecontentedplant.com

19. English Ivy

When it comes to indoor plants, English Ivy is regarded as one of the most effective air-purifying houseplants and a lovely addition to a mantlepiece. It removes all hazardous particles or undesired poisons from the air, providing a safe and relaxing environment. The plant demands extra attention because it requires bright sunlight as well as adequate moisture to grow and look healthy. 

English Ivy
Source: mybageecha.com

20. Weeping Fig

One should not be fooled by the name; this plant will do the opposite of making you cry. Experts think that the weeping fig is a profoundly underappreciated plant that ought to be in every home.

The plant comes with the guarantee that it will assist you in filtering pollutants that often reside in hidden regions of your home – carpets, curtains, furniture, linens, and so on. It’s like having a personal air filter, only better because it’s natural.

Weeping Fig
Source: thespruce.com

6. Lavender Plant

Lavender is a lovely plant that is thought to help with detoxification, stress reduction, relaxing, and blood pressure control. The plant is also used to treat depression and is considered to be one of the best spiritual herbs.

This magnificent scented plant can bring happiness and relaxation into life. Lavender also aids in the removal of negative energy and promotes healing.

Lavender Plant
Source: plantindex.com

7. Jasmine Plant

This plant is an intense mood enhancer and can be used to create a magnificent arcade at the entry gate or a curtain on the wall. Jasmine is thought to deepen the love between lovers and to provide inner serenity and purity.

Beautiful blossoms bloom on the plant, attracting positive energy and bringing all sorts of wonderful aura into your space.

Jasmine Plant
Source: indiagardening.com

8. Thyme 

Thyme is one of the indoor plants that bring good luck and combats negative energy. The plant is recognized for bringing health and energy into the home, as well as aiding in the prevention of nightmares. The plant repels insects and purifies the air within.

Thyme plant
Source: gardeningknowhow.com

9. Rosemary Plant

The Rosemary plant, often known as a purifying plant, can repel bad energy. Keeping this plant indoors can keep dangerous poisons out of the house while also promoting physical and emotional health.

The smell of the plant is sufficient to boost the home’s mood, fight worry, improve memory, heal sleeplessness, and provide inner serenity. It must be kept in a setting with vivid colors and a cool temperature.

Rosemary Plant
Source: floweraura.com

15. Eucalyptus

One of the most uplifting plants to be around is the eucalyptus. It functions as activated charcoal for any negativity that surrounds it. It kills all negative energies and produces a positive environment. Furthermore, this facility contributes to the financial department.

Eucalyptus Plant
Source: thespruce.com

18. Morning Glory

This plant produces beautiful, subtle-colored blossoms that will bring you serenity and tranquillity. Apart from that, if it is placed under the pillow before falling asleep, it promotes restful sleep.

Morning Glory Plant
Source: thegreenyard.in

Basil Plant

The Basil plant, considered a sacred plant in India, is thought to have antioxidant capabilities that harness positive energy present in the atmosphere and is preferred most among spiritual healing house plants.

The plant also provides good fortune and money, and it has a spiritual and healing influence on the environment. By bringing this lovely plant home one can be surrounded by happiness in no time.

Basil Positive Energy Plant
Basil Plant
Source: thespruce.com

3. Sage Plant

Sage has exceptional cleansing abilities that aid in the removal of any bad emotions, including fear and wrath, from the environment.

Not only does the plant have several therapeutic benefits, but it also promotes the flow of positive energy into the home. The plant should be placed in a dry, low-humidity environment.

Sage Plant
Source: gardeningknowhow.com

4. Mint Plant

The smell of mint instantly refreshes and cools one’s senses, but aside from being a culinary herb, the mint plant also resists unwanted energies from others around you and aids in the treatment of sleeplessness.

After having a bad day, this plant will help in locating that sweet spot of meditation with oneself. The fresh perfume of mint leaves is said to help soothe worries and restore hopes.

Mint Plant
Source: unsplash.com

5. Vetiver Plant

Vetiver, one of the best spiritual herbs, is related to mental healing for people who have been traumatized, by grounding and enhancing vital energy flow within.

The plant not only cleanses the aura but also protects against all forms of negativity. The calming perfume of the Vetiver plant promotes restful sleep while also keeping bugs and mice at bay.

Vetiver Plant
Source: plantsguru.com

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