Beautiful Small House With Greenish Touch

Hello and welcome to another post of house design. In this post we are featuring a small house with greenish touch that really looks beautiful and attractive.

Here is the house. It really looks fantastic. The house features a small porch enclosed by white balustrade. The four columns are supporting the roof. The outer side of the house is the place where you can sit and relax.

The living room is small but consist a 3 seater and a single seater sofa and a coffee table.

Here is the bedroom. Light green curtains are used over the window.

Dining area has a 4 seater dining table.

A small cabinet is kept under the staircase.

Living room.


The V shaped small kitchen is a great fit into this house.

The facade is enclosed with balustrade. The color of the door and window is light green. The color combination is fantastic.

Front view.

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